Introducing A New Swiss-Made Automatic Diver’s Watch For Men That Is Big On Performance And Not On Your Wallet

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For a company to use the term "In-House Made," we prefer that most of the parts are made in-house save for some smaller specialized parts. In-house made movements are typically designed in-house (but not all the time), and tend to suggest that a company has the ability to produce a range of movements and can be flexible enough to develop new movements. If a company is using externally sourced parts, other than simple screws, springs, and rubies, we might suggest the below term.

  • Movement Partially Made With In-House Parts

aBlogtoWatch: I find a lot of people with a technical background like you gravitate towards Omega's technological innovations, which are manifold and continue to break ground.

Amazingly, the new Seiko Recraft models evoke this spirit of olde Seiko amazingly well (albeit with some minor critical caveats where the choice of movement is concerned). At the same time, they are cleverly and impressively crafted to appeal to contemporary watch tastes as well. You certainly won’t look like a severe watch nerd if you wore these styles out and about, and they seem like an all-around great value, too. From the photos anyway – both official and from Seiko early adopters on forums like Watchuseek – the Seiko Recraft watches seem much more expensive and nicely finished than their list prices, which hover between a most affordable 5 and 5, might suggest. I’m guessing that – other than dipping in the gene pool of another Japanese mechanical-watch powerhouse Orient – you simply can’t find as good of an automatic watch for the money.

Seiko Recraft Mechanical 1970s Style Watches Watch Releases
Seiko Recraft Solar SSC285

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My First Grail Watch: Jonathan Ward Of ICON Automotive

My First Grail Watch: Jonathan Ward Of ICON Automotive

Ideally, you can consult with a "strap professional," but that can quickly take you out of budget territory. Remember, you pay less when doing things yourself, generally. With that said, you can always take pictures of your watch with its current strap and ask members of the watch community on forums or via social media to ask for advice on what types of straps to get for your watch. Often this comes down to just strapping a nylon NATO-style strap on an existing timepiece, but we tend to suggest investing in some nice animal skin straps which tend to look more classy in more situations.

As far as more ordinary functions go, this beast of a movement runs at 2.75 Hertz or 19,800 beats per hour, matched by 45 hours of power reserve. While traditionally not "required" for a grand complication, the 2885 caliber features automatic winding – yet another space-consuming feature that somehow found its way into the movement.

The three-hand Carrara is also more straight-forward and purist in its approach to the theme of the timepiece. I would argue that while the Chronograph is nice, it simply isn't that necessary. I am sure Mr. Giuliano Mazzuoli would disagree, and that is one of the reasons it is his name on the brand - he gets to make these decisions. As someone advising potential consumers, I will say that most all of the experience you want in the Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara is available in the three-hand. The color choice is up to you as they are all pretty cool.

For a mass-produced product, the Apple Watch is excellent. While it isn't hand-polished, nor does it have complicated surfaces like those seen on a Swiss timepiece, it is an amazing achievement, not just for Apple, but for the tech industry overall. I've never had what is essentially a high-volume, high-end gadget that felt so good in my hands. The sad thing is that most Apple Watch wearers will not be "watch people," so they really won't have too much to compare it with.

It is my job to focus on how to blend different types of revenue generation areas together in a way that makes the aBlogtoWatch user feel comfortable, cognizant, and even perhaps excited about what we are doing. Transparency is sort of an important part of my philosophy toward business. I've always said (and perhaps idealistically so) that I only want to run my business in a way that if my grandmother (let's just assume I had living grandparents) audited my books, she would feel comfortable with what I am doing. Let's face it, grandmothers tend to be pretty reasonable people.

SalonQP 2014: An Ever-Personal Encounter With The World Of Horology Shows & Events SalonQP 2014: An Ever-Personal Encounter With The World Of Horology Shows & Events

Pisa Orologeria: Our customers have changed a lot from the 1940’s when Pisa Orologeria was founded: nowadays, instead our customer base is more heterogeneous: only 20% of our clients are Italians, while foreign people compose the other 80%.  Our Italian customer base has a great importance to us. In addition, we are truly appreciated by our Chinese and Russian clients and we are also becoming an important landmark for Middle Eastern ones. Our personalized service, which, in addition to a large offering of models and products, puts the client at the center, is becoming a winning factor. The mix between different cultural realities and mine is very important, because diversity is a value that enriches, not only economically, but also humanly.

The Starfleet Machine isn't huge, but I wouldn't call it portable, being almost 32cm wide and 21cm tall. Produced from mostly solid stainless steel and brass, it isn't light either - but that is OK. When I first saw it, I imagined how deadly it would be as a weapon if sharpened and hurled at a foe in some type of trebuchet, given the many pointy edges.

ABTW: What is Philadelphia best known for? What do visitors have to do, see, or eat while there?

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SalonQP 2014: An Ever-Personal Encounter With The World Of Horology Shows & Events

What you need to understand is that the Joseph Iten Breitling collection is so rare because it was essentially a time capsule, and I have a feeling it was purchased in 1996 for a very reasonable price. Old World Jewelers probably made some nice returns on their investment over the years – especially as vintage timepieces started to become more and more popular. Finds like that for them are easily a once in a lifetime event. What are the odds that you'd be presented with the offer to buy that many vintage and totally unworn NOS watches from a name brand that is around today? Imagine if they were Rolexes.

Often times watch lovers accuse Breitling watches are looking too similar to one another. True enough, it often requires a particular expertise to distinguish one Breitling watch from another - but of course that doesn't apply to all models. If anything, Breitling has banked on that fact with the Colt, as it incorporates so many elements of Breitling design DNA into a single basic design. This is a significant change from the previous generation Breitling Colt collection that attempted to be a bit more edgy and modern. For the 2104 Breitling Colt watches, Breitling has certainly returned to what has helped make the company so popular.

While the dial of the Ateliers DeMonaco Grand Tourbillon Xtreme Precision Oculus Petite Minute can seem minimal at first, I appreciate its balance as well as symmetry. The face is decorated with a sort of sunburst-style Cote de Geneve striping, while the subdial for the time, with its dauphine-style hands, exists on a higher level than the rest of the watch. In designs such as this, the more depth a dial has, the better. I also like the symmetrical blued-steel screws used on the case, which are an elegant yet functional detail.

Omega was also able to display their complete Museum Collection of watches... along with examples of the original models they were inspired by. Omega Museum Collection watches are annual limited edition timepieces directly inspired by models from Omega's history. I've personally never seen a collection like that which includes not only the full assortment of contemporary Omega Museum Collection models, but their precise vintage analogs. So that was really cool.

On wrist, especially with the fabric strap, the Tudor Heritage Ranger is so comfy you might forget it's even there. On the leather strap, it takes on the vibe of a pilot's watch, thanks not only to the look of the strap, but also how the simple balanced design of the Tudor Heritage Ranger seems to be something of a shapeshifter. Much to that effect, though I only saw it briefly at Baselworld, the Ranger has an entirely different feel on its bracelet. With excellent proportions and a design that works on just about any strap, I think the Ranger has to be worn to be fully appreciated.

Those aforementioned key elements fit nicely with the restrained styling which Junghans is known for – they do have the "Technology" and the "Erhard Junghans" collections, which are a bit more flashy, but when we hear the word Junghans, we like to think of clean lines and uncluttered designs. It is no wonder, then, that Max Bill's influence works rather well for the brand.

Bauhaus Style: New Junghans Max Bill Watches Watch Releases
A kitchen wall-clock designed by Max Bill in the mid-1950s for Junghans

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CJ: We carry in excess of 20 brands of watches:

  • Audemars Piguet
  • A. Lange and Sohne
  • Arnold and Son
  • Bell & Ross
  • Bulgari
  • Cartier
  • Chopard
  • DeBethune
  • Franck Muller
  • Gerrard-Perragaux
  • Giuliano Mazzzuoli
  • Greubel  Forsey
  • H. Moser & Cie.
  • Hublot
  • HYT
  • IWC
  • Jaeger LeCoultre
  • Ludovic Ballouard
  • Maîtres de Temps
  • Parmigiani Fleurier
  • Piaget
  • Richard Mille
  • Roger Dubuis
  • Ulysse Nardin
  • Urwerk
  • Vacheron Constantin
  • Zenith

So where does that leave the Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique collection? Does it have things I want to complain about but otherwise forgive because I find it attractive? In a sense, yes, but these are common complaints about luxury watches. Chopard's "Classic Racing" watches, a term that includes model families such as their Mille Miglia, SuperFast, and Monaco Historique collections, have always represented mostly very simple and high-priced timepieces. Having said that, they are mostly very good looking watches. That places the consumer is an interesting position, but I don't think it is an unfair one. For eons, we have been asked to pay a premium for well-made eye-candy, and that legacy continues in full force today.

Second, this move shines light on Zenith's rather conservative approach to the El Primero: it took them over 40 years to create the first watch that utilized the caliber's capability of measuring 1/10th of a second (that happened with the Striking 10th in 2010, hands-on article here), and even more time to try and use the base of the movement in a collection offering the 5Hz speed and reliability, without the chronograph function (that was the Espada, in 2012).

aBlogtoWatch first discussed the Ressence Type 1 watch here where our David spend a healthy amount of time discussing the construction of the case and movement, as well as the collection overall. We were jazzed about the Type 1 then, and after getting some hands-on with it, we feel that it is a very solid "entry-level" Ressence. The problem, of course, is that in the world of exclusive limited production timepieces, entry level still often means out of reach for most consumers.

While the Swatch Group and its ETA movement manufacturing division had, for several years, voiced its plans on drastically reducing the amount of movement kits (which are no longer available at all at this point), as well as complete movements that it was selling to non-Swatch Group companies, it was only in 2011 that the company got the green light from COMCO (the Swiss Competition Commission) to start cutting back on movements sold. Interestingly, the Habrings had printed out and showed us the email they received from ETA in late-2011, in which they were notified of a 50% cut in supplies.

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What Rolex has been able to do is make everyone out there who wears one feel like part of that winners club. I've interviewed a lot of Rolex retailers over the years asking "what do customers talk about when shopping for a Rolex?" The responses aren't all that different. New job, raise, bonus, anniversary, graduation... achievement, achievement, achievement... It is a trend I see time and time again. Even as some steeped in the nitty-gritty of the watch industry, I am not immune. When I got a Rolex for myself, it was to celebrate something.