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Those in charge of the project deemed this battery life to be unacceptable and a dramatic change of approach was needed. The second prototype – which eventually evolved into the Beta 21 production model, had only 5 frequency reduction steps. This gave the necessary power saving but produced a very different end result. Instead of the previous 0.5Hz, the end frequency was 256Hz. This was used to drive a vibration motor resulting in a smooth sweep of the second hand such as that produced by the Bulova Accutron – not the dramatic difference that the project had hoped for.

Limited to 1000 pieces, Hublot admits that the Red Magic sapphire crystals are niche. It isn't for everyone, but it is a good part of the package to offer with the Ferrari pieces. Red after-all is a rather signature color of the super cars. I personally love the overall concept of the all carbon fiber case and red tinted crystal. At the same time, it is a very bold offering that is more collection-defining than being good for regular wear - for most people.

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Recently the Space Shuttle Endeavour traveled around California before it stopped at its final resting place here in Los Angeles. It was the last of its kind, and marked an end to the US government run space shuttle program. Kelly was the last guy to fly it in 2011 after the shuttle flew for 19 years. His most enduring legacy will be that of an astronaut. One that helped end an era, but begin a new one. While Kelly is currently retired as an astronaut, he still serves as an adviser and consults to private firms like SpaceX which are picking up where NASA left off.

Just before Baselword 2013, we previewed the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT watch, which was a special edition watch which would offer a glimpse as to what the regular Planet Ocean GMT watches would look like.

Of course, this model harkens back to its predecessor of fifty years ago. The new watch features a 42mm black steel case, made utilizing a carbon-based coating that should be resistant to scratches. This same black color carries over to the main dial and sub dials, these then feature red hands and are lumed along with white indices and numerals to make for what should be a rather readable watch.

BaselWorld 2013: The New Nomos Series 38 Watches Watch Releases

As an eager "watch spotter" when it comes to timepieces worn by characters in television shows that I like, I was resolved to the fact that there would be no timepiece identification opportunities in The Game of Thrones. Series author George R. R. Martin is probably more of a suspenders aficionado, but I bet he would like this. Actually, the author does wear a watch, but he wears it face side down under his wrist - so I can't tell what it is.

Official Game Of Thrones 'The Night's Watch,' Wrist Watch Watch Releases Official Game Of Thrones 'The Night's Watch,' Wrist Watch Watch Releases

The movement inside is the Breitling Caliber 76, an officially certified chronometer by the COSC with thermocompensated SuperQuartz. Functions include a 12/24-hour analog and LCD digital display, battery end-of-life indicator, 1/100th second chronograph, timer, 2nd timezone and  multilingual calendar.

Breva dutifully explains the means by which the Génie 01 weather station features are used. Not being myself an amateur barometer enthusiast I didn’t pay close enough attention in class. Their website will explain in more detail for those interested. In a nutshell you use the pair of extra crowns to adjust scales along the indicator hands to help compensate for starting readings and the change in elevation. Reading it got me all excited to pull out my sextant and go boating after throwing my GPS overboard. Life is just too convenient these days thanks to technology, and it makes me sad that only the mega-rich can afford the toys required to remember what it was like to live in the past. When is a custom coach-maker going to finally release that new limited edition automobile with the crank starter? I’ve just always wanted to experience the pleasure of that truly connected automotive engine experience – and pay handsomely for it.

Movement: Jaquet Droz 610, hand-winding mechanical movement, single barrel

One more of that combo:

Sinn U200 B (EZM 8) Limited Edition Diver With Blue Dial Watch Releases
Sinn U200B on Nato

When I last saw Benoit Mintiens, the Belgian founder of watch brand Ressence, he was excitedly showing me the prototype of the Type 3 watch. I was pretty darn impressed. Boutique brand Ressence is among the few watch brands out there (large or small) that I'd consider as benefiting from my hard-earned watch buying money. Benoit is just that type of outside-the-box thinking innovator that I like to personally support. So let's see how Ressence built on their core concept with a crown-free, liquid-filled watch.

Having said that, you aren't likely to see any official Tudor advertising discussing their relationship with Rolex. The brand is more and more trying to stand on its own as a more entry-level luxury watch, rather than act in concert or as a stepping stone to a Rolex watch. The two brands are more and more trying to live side-by-side as opposed to Tudor being a "cheaper alternative to Rolex that is pretty much as good."

With the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear, we had a chance to talk a little bit with Om Malik, founder of GigaOm. Om is an accomplished (and award-winning) journalist, with much of his work focused on the tech industry. What many may not know is that he's also a watch guy and friend of aBlogtoWatch, which makes him the perfect person to talk to about smartwatches. Let's see what Om has to say about the smartwatch segment in general, and more specifically the Samsung Galaxy Gear:

Since their debut some years ago, we have always been fans of the work of Swedish watch company Gustafsson & Sjogren that combines the work of a master knife maker and Damascus steel maker (Gustafsson) and a watchmaker (Sjogren). From the start, the point of the brand was to feature the beautiful look of handmade Damascus steel and distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. No doubt these timepieces are an acquired taste, but as of this year they have reached a pinnacle of their design.

In the world of mechanical watches, the most simple-looking watches are often the most complex and a watch that best represents this concept is the 4N-MVT01/D01. The 4N-MVT01/D01 is a watch that tells time digitally with moving discs using a movement developed by the masters at Renaud & Papi. It might look simple, but the movement consists of over 500 components and took four years to develop. In some ways, I like to think of this as a kind of “mini” Harry Winston Opus 11. Hit the link below for more details and to see the video of this stunning movement in action.

Necessary Data

You also mention movement by the seconds hand when you move around the watch. That isn't normal, but I've seen it before. I would take that piece in for them to swap out the movement or tighten things up.

Christophe Claret Soprano Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The automatic movement inside the watch is an RW 4600 caliber which is a modified ETA 2824 movement to include day, month, and moon phase complications. The transparent case back shows the sparsely decorated movement. The automatic rotor includes the caliber number and the RW name.

There are two things about this watch that make it worth sharing. First off, the limited-edition galvanized matte blue dial. Normally sold in black, this version (ref EZM 8) is only available through December 31, 2013. Secondly, despite having a full 2000m (over a mile!) depth rating, the U200 is a svelte 37mm case.

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For matte/satin finish bracelets use a small abrasive block to give back the grain of the watch. Something like Garyflex is perfect. This is a flexible polishing block and should be fine for home use. Go for the grey 120 grit as anything heaver will give a rough grain and anything lighter starts to highly polish the bracelet, rather than grain it. Be VERY careful with excess abrasive being left in the bracelet afterwards as this will undo all your hard work as it rubs and may damage the watch. Also be very careful not to satinize any areas that are polished as this makes life very difficult to rectify. By all means, use masking tape, but be careful it doesn't tear or wear through in places giving a ragged polished look. There are specific satin mops used in the industry and to get a straight grain is an art in itself. If this is done badly, the watch will look worse than before you started!

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In 2011, Victorinox Swiss Army released a new version of their classic "Original" watch (debuted here) that retained the same affordable, plastic-bodied theme of the... original, but with a slick modern look. For 2013 Victorinox Swiss Army releases two new versions of the Original which includes a limited edition chronograph each on a neat looking bund-style strap. A big fan of these attractive and inexpensive watches, we take a hands-on look at both the Original three-hand and Original Chronograph LE (limited edition).