Swiss Army Dive Master 500m Watch Has Sublte, Good, Lasting Looks: Perfect All Purpose Watch For Many?

Swiss Army Dive Master 500m Watch Has Sublte, Good, Lasting Looks: Perfect All Purpose Watch For Many?

Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 Automatic Watch Review: Sport And Formality Mix With Satisfying Results Wrist Time Reviews Then you'll find a flat gray ring with the Roman numerals attached to it. There is also a date window (with nicely beveled edges) neatly included on this surface. Move in more and you'll see a lighter gray surface with a circular texturing that has the necessary text. "Tiffany & Co," and on mine "Certified Chronometer" above "Automatic." That lets you know that this watch has been sent to the Chronometer certification organization in Switzerland (as stated before, the watch also comes with the certificate), and that this version of the watch is not the lesser quartz model. I like everything about the dial and face. I've considered whether or not the darker gray area (where the Roman numeral are located) needed to be spruced up a bit, but then decided that the face would have looked to busy if that were the case.

What I really like about this watch is the cohesiveness of the design and the nice features. To me, this is what the quintessential Japanese mechanical diving watch should be. Seiko was finally able to take everything people loved about Japanese styled diving watches and combine them together into one watch that absolutely typifies the theme. You aren't buying a Japanese copy of a Swiss watch, you are getting something that is pure Japanese refinement from the look of the dial and hands to the philosophy in the movement (which has a wonderfully smooth seconds hand unlike cheaper automatic movements). Seiko watches have always preferred functionality over form, but a style has developed overtime. One of these elements is the 4 o'clock position of the crown, as well as the large number indexes and no nonsense bezel. Inside the face you'll notice a sloped chapter ring with minute increment marks that make the watch easy to read, and happens to add a nice 3-D look to the watch. Further, the rich luminant on the face and hands are a bright plus as seen in the video above.

The LUM-TEC M3 borrows from a lot of classic and popular designs. You can see a lot of Panerai and Bell & Ross BR-01 in the dial and case. Classic Panerai PAM watches especially. You also see a little Hamilton Below Zero in the lug design, and of course an essence of classic aviator watch in the hands. Despite having a friendly reminder of these above mentioned influences, the design of the M3 is completely independent, standing on its own, without the possibility of confusion from a trained eye.

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The Spirit of the Dragon collection (because Dragons have scales too), is really based on the idea of incorporating the look of scaled surfaces into a watch. To that end the result is pretty well done. These are bona fide luxury watches available in steel, various shades of 18k gold, and even platinum. A three-hand and chronograph version is available, with black, blue, or white colored dials. Veni Vidi Vici further promises to customize your watch however you like. Need some diamonds sprinkled on the face? No problem. Want a custom color? No problem. Need yours with a mother of pearl face? (Will have to check with the manager, but...) No problem! You can even have a mixture of polished and satin finished scales and surfaces on the watch for an interesting look. Pretty cool.

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Hideous Melding Of Mobile Phone, Mechanical Watches, And Painful Design: The Mobiado Professional 105GMT Gold Discovery Phone Watch Style The gold you see on the case is gold plated (base is brass). The case is also offered in a gun metal version (screws are gun metal too), which is just specially treated steel. The dark parts of the case are Ebony wood with thin layers of synthetic sapphire crystal over them. This is the same type of sapphire crystal used on watch faces. It is very strong and doesn't scratch, and probably forces the phone to weight a lot. There are also diamonds around the watch faces. They aren't particularly well placed, but they are real diamonds. Though I do get a distinct low-end blingy feel from this phone.

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The images themselves are supposed to represent basic maps of the areas that Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus explored. That is sort of a tribute to the explorers I guess. It doesn't actually say anything about them, at least not on the face. So basically my opinion is that while these are nice watches, they aren't nice enough. Vacheron Constantin seems to be a bit hit and miss these days. That is ok, they are trying though. We will see what they spring on us next.