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Orient M-Force SEL03001D Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Familiar with the "California dial" that mixes Roman numerals on one side of the dial and Arabic ones on another? Well this watch plays with that concept in another watch. The "X2" for sample is Omega's way of writing "12." Just like "V1" is "6" (as opposed to VI). The watch design is actually quite simple aside from these whimsical elements and some "body cladding." Take for instance the triangular extremities on the lugs and the applied metal hour markers. Without these and a few Omega logos, this is a very basic watch. I still like the watch, and its basic nature is reflected in the price - which is not horrible by Omega standards. The watch also comes in a chronograph model and a sub seconds model.

Now, here is an interesting new watch that I wasn't expecting from UK based Arnold & Son. The concept is that the movement is "inside out," well sort of. Basically what you see on the dial is typically what you would see on the rear of the watch. Arnold & Son isn't the first to offer a watch that applies this concept, but their new TB88 does that and has a few more tricks up its (exposed) sleeve.

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Movado Museum Dial Watch Original Prototype On eBay

Movado Museum Dial Watch Original Prototype On eBay

Orient M-Force SEL03001D Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

At 33mm wide by 53mm tall, the case is a nice hefty size. The brand offers other cases styles as well. The watch has a sapphire crystal (could be AR coated) over the dial. On this model the dial is a very beautiful mother-of-pearl. It is really a gorgeous example of the material. On it are printed Arabic hour numerals. The dial is clearly very classic in its design, but I wish there was a bit more contrast with the hands for slightly more optimized legibility. They aren't too bad though, and there is little bits of lume applied on the tips of the hands. Seconds are shown via a subsidiary seconds dial.

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Wearing the Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon, I forget the numbers behind the name. It is a wildly expensive timepiece that is so far out of most people’s reach — the price no longer matters. Diamonds and sapphires cover the 950 platinum watch case that comes with a manually wound movement made mostly from sapphire crystal, and carries a price tag of ,000,000. “Pretty nice” I remark as I model it on my wrist. See the video below as taken by John Biggs, with whom I do the HourTime Show podcast. You can hear me at the ending asking for the price.

A further interesting finding is that all the retailers reported an increase in sales when customers are offered brand or product education in the store. Topper for example warns that sales people must carefully gauge what customers are interested in, but everyone suggested that after being intelligently presented with a product and thus educated on that product - customers are more likely to make purchases. This means that consumers who have knowledge on products either before or after coming into a store are more likely to make purchases. Audemars Piguet says it well when stating that "these days, higher-priced watches are not sold to those who do not understand what they are buying."

Aside from the Overseas, VC (Vacheron Constantin) has more or less no watches for casual wear, sport situations, or anything that isn't super classy or super complicated. So the QDI was sort of meant to be it. VC wanted (still wants) to have offerings that appeal to younger watch buyers. While the brand is doing really well with their core collection pieces, not sure how well that "age push downward" has been going. Don't get my wrong, there are a lot of VC watches I like, but I would never think to wear one while wearing shorts and drinking a beer.

It also comes with a conventional flip-lock pushbutton buckle you can use instead. Very thoughtful.

LUM-TEC recently sponsored a Combat B series watch giveaway on and I was impressed with results. It was a record month for giveaway entrants, and tons of people seemed to swoon over what LUM-TEC has to offer. There is something about LUM-TEC watches that drives passion in watch lovers and novices alike. Almost since the brand's inception, the Combat B series has been part of their collection. A more modern interpretation of the classic coined-edge bezel fleiger - this watch has been offered in a ton of limited edition versions. This is the Combat B7 model.

The case is 41.5mm wide, done in a satin finish (very tool-like look) with a matching rotating bezel. The crown is placed at 4 o'clock as is the date dial in effort to preserve the placement of the Arabic numerals located at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. I like the rounded crown guard and feel it adds a softer look to the case. At 12mm thick, the case should feel rather reasonable on the wrist.

While this watch dial in action looks like a miniature aerial view of an amusement park, something is actually going on - this isn't all for show. With the reference EQWM1100DC-1A2 Edifice "Black Label" watch, Casio wanted to turn all of the functions present in most of its better digital watches in a analog stage show. To be honest I never thought such a thing could be done, even though Casio has been experimenting with making sophisticated digital functions in analog format for a while. Tag Heuer was getting all hot on themselves for putting a mechanical analog 1/100th of a second movement in their ,000 Carrera Mikrograph watch, and here Casio has a 1/1000th of a second analog chronograph in their 0 quartz watch. Frankly I like the looks of this Casio a bit better.

If you are a dedicated watch follower, then by now you know that 2012 is the year of the Pilot watch for IWC. Last week I shared my thoughts on the new for 2012 IWC Pilot Chronograph Top Gun Miramar watch here. Now I get to share with you the entire collection of new Pilot watches from the brand. You'll notice that there are more new Top Gun watches including a non-chronograph automatic with a seven day power reserve, some updated classics, and a new very much modern military look to the pieces.

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Winder/Display case. The combined automatic winder and display case of the Zeit Device is in polished, solid walnut with buffalo leather lining. The case can sit on a desk with the timepiece securely held (push-fit) in a vertical position with the dial side in full view. Every 10 or 15 minutes – the interval is adjustable according to whether the timepiece requires fast winding or maintaining winding – the Zeit Device is rotated 185° and slowly oscillates to rest, causing a winding rotor to charge the mainspring. Keeping the Zeit Device wound in this way minimizes the necessity of having to reset the calendar functions after the movement has stopped.

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See JeanRichard watches on eBay here.JeanRichard Diverscope LPR Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Are you ready for a watch like this? Is anyone ever really ready for a watch like this? Among his many watches, Alain Silberstein offers some tourbillon models. Less popular today, a few years ago these iconoclastic tourbillon timepieces really offered something very different. Take this Black Storm model (ref. TS511) that combines his playful French design, an interesting tourbillon movement, and urban toned camouflage.

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Omega Presents The 2011 Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch Collection

Omega Presents The 2011 Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch Collection

While I truly hope the stolen pieces are recovered, some might not, and images like these that I took might be all that the public has to look at when interested in a brand's rich history. Audemars Piguet is truly an historic brand, and the museum is located in the La Vallee du Joux where it all started. There are too many watches here to discuss individually. Many of them you'll find in the gallery below.

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Two other drivers are also done service. The well known Jenson Button as well as Lewis Hamilton. Button's piece is done with a blue ring and Hamilton gets a sweet looking yellow ring. I think Tag Heuer make a typo when writing Jenson's last name on their little graphic. I will assume it is spelled correctly in Japanese! See what Tag Heuer did with the name of the watches - because they are called the "ring master" there is a special ring around the dials.

Bulova Precisionist Champlain 96B132 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

First the case and housing. The watch is 45mm wide and available in a few material combinations. All models have titanium that is mixed with either more titanium, 18k white or pink gold, or platinum. I believe there are five total combinations, which means that Claret will build a maximum of 105 of these timepieces (to be made over the years). By the way, on the PVD black titanium and 18k rose gold mode, the hands on the dial are not ruby edged, but black ceramic edged (with gold in the center). The case is fascinating, but not Claret's most unique. It is however a very proper design to go with the theme. There are four sapphire crystals on the case. One over the dial, another over the caseback, and two on the side for the dice and the hammer and gongs window. 30 meters of water resistance too!