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We aren't ashamed (in fact, we are proud) to admit that we love LEGO's collection of watches for adults. aBlogtoWatch debuted the LEGO adult watch collection last October. LEGO watches for kids have been around for a while, but just a few months before the release of the LEGO Movie (which we also feel was for adults who grew up playing with LEGO), the world was able to anticipate the upcoming collection made for grown up men and women. Now available for sale, aBlogtoWatch is proud to celebrate a life-long love of the world's best building bricks with a giveaway for not one, but four LEGO watches for adults.

Sarpaneva Woodoo Moon Piece Unique Watch Hands-On

In the Fall of 2014, the first new Porsche Design watch will be released known as the Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1. We don't have full images yet but Porsche Design has released the sketch above that reveals a familiar look typical of Porsche Design DNA. At first glance the design of the Timepiece No. 1 may appear simple, but in reality it continues the modern simplicity and functional character Porsche Design is known for. According to Porsche Design the team was influenced by the design of their original Chronograph watch from 1972.

This month on aBlogtoWatch you have an opportunity to win a limited edition (of just 50 pieces) Shade Black automatic watch by Egard. The brand is a father and son team who work out of Los Angeles and Toronto. The Shade Black is meant to be a contemporary dress watch, offering a unique take on classic themes. Though Egard does suggest the Shade Black "can be worn with just about anything."

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Montblanc Villeret 1858 ExoTourbillon Chronographe Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Hublot and Ferrari: The Art of Fusion

Hublot and Ferrari: The Art of Fusion

Breguet No. 1646 Diver Watch: A Newly Discovered Vintage From 1965 Feature Articles

Over the years (well, centuries), Patek has created a fantastic array of different references, most of which you will discover in our selection. While the 1591 may just be one you have not heard about before, it's clear it has something special going for it once you learn that it was featured on the cover of Christie's Geneva Important Pocket Watches and Wrist Watches Catalog in 2007. Its special blend of exceptionally refined aesthetics and stunningly complex inner workings make the 1591 an extremely desirable piece even among other historically important watches. As if that was not enough, let's add that only two, that's right, two pieces were ever made. The one sold by Christie's is, well, one of its kind being the only one housed in stainless steel, while the other piece is in 18k yellow gold. And despite the fact that it was manufactured in 1944 - at an extremely early and war-stricken time, and also set in a material that Patek has duly avoided, this piece has even more to offer.

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JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventures Watches For 2014 Watch Releases

Whichever the model, I think these pieces will have appeal to those who have a fond remembrance of the book from their youth, and (or perhaps just) have a love of adventure, and what the books represent. While I find both watches attractive in their own right (that blue dial is amazing), the Big Pilot has the most ingenious references included in it (especially that moonphase dial), and that really sells the package for me.

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I choose a watch with Swiss origins, because for centuries, Switzerland has been the heart of the watchmaking industry, and has an incredible history of craftsmanship and innovation.

I ask these questions because I see so many established companies borrowing designs but I never hear of them being sued.

Cartier has made it pretty clear that the Calibre case is going to enjoy a lot of life. It has served as the base for everything from mainstream luxury to ultra-high-end Cartier models, and continues to have a promising future as Cartier currently prefers the Calibre as their premier men's model. One of my personal favorite aspects of the Calibre is that no one has ever referred to it as "unisex." Many Cartier timepieces have that fluid sense of French polish that makes them good enough for a man, but appropriate for a woman. The Calibre is "all dude." Earlier in 2013 the collection was extended with the Calibre Chronograph model (debuted here).

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The movement is another story. Inside the UTTE is the Arnold & Son in-house made A&S8200 manually wound caliber. It is just 2.97mm thick, and even has a very respectable power reserve. In total, the watch offers about 80 hours of power reserve, which is pretty darn good. That is more than three days without winding. All that is missing is a power reserve indicator.

Memorigin is a Hong Kong-based watchmaker which exists as part of the emerging "high-end Chinese watch" category that aBlogtoWatch has been covering for the last two years or so. While China is ground zero for the world's inexpensive watches, they have a growing "high-end" timepieces segment as well. Most of these more interesting Chinese mechanical watches are made by China for China, some of them are slowly seeing their way to other parts of Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Our goal is pretty simple. It is to write cool stories about cool or interesting things that people want to read. We like what we do enough that we are all trying to make sure can live our lives and pay our bills while continuing to do what we like. It is a goal a lot of people have, and making money while doing something enjoyable is a place I am personally happy to be. But I would stop doing it all tomorrow if I wasn't writing content that I personally didn't want to read.

We first debuted the Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar watch back in April 2013 here. We learned that Zenith was borrowing the in-house made El Primero Caliber 4054 that debuted in the Zenith Captain Winsor watch for a pilot watch. The concept was a bit odd, but the movement certainly deserves a longer and prosperous life in a range of watches. And who is to say that annual calendar complications are for dress watches only? Having said that, is the Rolex Sky-Dweller (that has an annual calendar) a dress or sport watch? I can't tell.

Christophe Claret makes some really interesting watches and his latest Poker watch is no different. The last of a trilogy of gaming-related watches, this watch lets you play Texas Hold ‘em with yourself and it is entirely mechanical. The movement consists of a whopping 655 parts and 72 jewels and even beats a modern rate of 4Hz. Check out this really cool watch in our hands-on article.

Former CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jerome Lambert has done a lot of good work at La Grande Maison, so it should come as no surprise that he was the man chosen to take over Montblanc. Montblanc is, of course, one of Richemont’s biggest brands, manufacturing a wide range of products including watches, pens, leather goods and jewelry. Find out what are some of Lambert’s thoughts on his new appointment.

F.P. Journe Centigraphe Souveraine Watch Hands-On: The Cleverest Chronograph? Hands-On

Did you start off wanting to make something different or did the design of Wryst watches just end up being quite unique?

As unassuming as "rubber strap" may sound, there actually are a vast number of options that come in ever more diverse levels of quality. Depending on where it comes from, it may actually be silicone rather than rubber, and the fit and finish may not look right against your watch. And what if your watch has a number of more unique features, as the Rolex Deepsea does with its integrated bracelet that follows the shape of the case, and its rather clever Glidelock Clasp that allows for easy adjustments? You don't want to leave that sitting in the drawer for a plain ol' tang buckle, do you? That, then, is where the Rubber B Rolex Deepsea Glidelock watch strap comes in.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to roll out the Everest rubber strap, Everest continues the same formula for the Everest Leather Series. Until August 15th, Everest Kickstarter backers are able to receive a calf leather strap, endlinks, and buckle at 0, less than the post-Kickstarter retail price. Crocodile leather starts at 0, 3 less than the planned retail offering price. There are also other quantity discounts available for early Everest Leather Series backers. Everest leather strap wearers can order additional leather straps without ordering another endlink / buckle combination in the coming future.

Well, firstly because it provides them improved flexibility and faster realization when it comes to making customized components. Second, because it grants them independence from external companies, and third, it is a very powerful marketing tool. Many brands strive to get to this point, and without exception, every single one of them have to face either the shortage of trained craftsmen, the lack of financial abilities to back up their plans... or both.