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Part of the MadeWorn aesthetic can be understood by knowing that Blaine Halvorson grew up in Bozeman, Montana and enjoyed a very outdoorsy life from the time he was a small boy. His rustic, Americana sense of art is about discovering what was once lost, nature, and producing things by hand. Halvorson is very much a creative director, but he is also a craftsman who does things like cobble shoes, which he sells to clients for between about 0 and ,000 per pair.

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Hong Kong, the biggest market for watches, will also have an automotive theme and the Hong Kong exhibit will celebrate TAG Heuer’s long tradition of sponsoring a top professional driver. Some drivers that TAG Heuer has sponsored include the late Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, and more. The highlight here is a special edition Heuer Carrera Indianapolis from 1965.

TAG Heuer 'Heuer Globetrotter' Exhibition In 10 Global Cities Shows & Events
Sydney centerpiece exhibit, 1957 Heuer Ring Master

We can get pretty hungry after a day at the park, or an evening perusing the live music options. Luckily, Austin has grown into a foodie city. Some of the best meals we have are sold at our many food trailer parks. They offer everything from brick-oven pizzas, Thai food, donut hamburgers, and BBQ out of a trailer. If you are willing to work for your meal, Franklin’s (featured on the Food Network) is generally referred to as the best brisket in the world. However, to enjoy their BBQ, one must get in line at 6 in the morning. The doors open at 11, and by 1pm, they are sold out. 

As far as the watches themselves are concerned, timepieces often have the T≤25 designation on their dials. That means, that the watch, altogether has a radioactivity level below 1 GBq (we remember seeing Ball make some special watches with T≤100 ratings, i.e., with under 4 GBq). On an excessively nerdy note, we will add that the reason why you see GBq, i.e., giga-becquerel is because it is used here as an SI measurement of radioactivity, while the sievert we referred to further above is the SI measurement for radiation dose. (Feel free to add corrections in the comments below, as this really is beyond our comfort zone.)

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The Bremont Boeing Model 247 Ti-GMT uses Bremont's version of ETA's 7750, called the BE-54AE, which is the same automatic GMT chronograph caliber used on many of the ATL-1 models that offer a GMT hand. Much like the BE-93-2AE, the BE-54AE runs at 4Hz with 42 hours of power reserve and COSC certification.

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Notice the lack of crowns or pushers on the case? The movement is actually set and would via two "bow-style" fold out crowns on the rear of the case. The movement, which is, of course, the most interesting element of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, is the exclusive to Jacob & Co. caliber JCEM01, with 48 hours of power reserve and a tourbillon that operates at 2.5Hz. Surprisingly, the movement is produced from just 235 parts - which seems very efficient given the complexity of the concept.

Well, toeing that line might feel a little hypocritical, if you've ever lusted over a luxury quartz watch. I certainly have. I even used one in my previous example: the Breitling B55 Connected is a luxury quartz watch that connects to your smart phone using similar, if not identical technology to the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Concept. There are plenty of purists who dismiss quartz as it is. I've never been that strict on the matter, because I tend to care more about what the watch stands for. That said, there comes a point when even I believe a line should be drawn.

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Going back to the original point of Olio attempting to be a high-end smartwatch, are its makers doing what is necessary to achieve that goal? I think it is too early to tell. The hardware might not have the lavish curated polish of the Apple Watch - but then again, it isn't trying to be that. The Olio Model 1 - which really launches the company - is about a strong beginning and leveraging its boutique operation along with collective skills into a software and hardware experience that will be distinct from pretty much everything else out there.

Because of it being a totally independent light source, tritium gas tubes make for a reasonable alternative to lume paint. The reason for that is, as you know, "lume" needs to be charged by an external light source for it to then glow for around 10-12 hours before going completely dark once again – and remain like that until the next exposure to a strong source of light. By contrast, tritium tubes keep on glowing for years and years, all by themselves.

This is modern horology, and here is a review of the new HYT H4 Gotham timepiece. HYT produces only a few hundred watches per year (according to them, 450 pieces total in 2014), but for 2015, the brand is releasing 13 new models. That doesn't just include new colors and line extensions but totally new stuff like the recently announced HYT Skull, HYT H3, and this HYT H4. First for the new H4 model family is the black "3DTP" carbon cased HYT H4 Gotham.

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ABTW: What drew you to these particular watches?

"Zooming out" once again for an overview of the Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe, one of the gripes that one may have with its centerpiece complication is that it is a rather passive one. What I mean by that is that, in a way, the pantograph hands are similar to the perpetual calendar (or any other astronomical complication, for that matter): it is technically impressive, you know it is in there and doing its thing, but in a way, it is not as visually pleasing as the spinning action of a tourbillon or the ticking of a chronograph's seconds hand. The transition in between the sizes of the hands is seamless, doing away with any "snappy action." Like with calendars, jumping hours and other similarly "passive" complications, you have to mess up the displayed time and fiddle with the crown to illustrate what the trademark complication can do – despite the fact that it was doing its thing as it should anyway... just not in a very visual way.

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Orlando Watch Co: We are known for carrying not so main-stream brands like Ball, Bremont, Oris, MeisterSinger, & Zannetti (just to name a few), but we are also known for carrying high-end pre-owned brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, IWC, Panerai, & Rolex.

All Traser timepieces contain self-illuminating Tritium gas tubes on the hands and hour markers providing for unparallelled dial visibility in the dark. The Traser Classic Automatic Master has a slightly textured black dial and comes with a 46mm-wide steel case which is just 11mm thick. Over the dial is an AR-coated sapphire crystal, and the case is water resistant to 100 meters. Around the dial is a rotating diver's style timing bezel.

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From a technical perspective, the in-house made Rolex calibre 9001 automatic movement is rather cool. As with the chronograph movement inside of Yacht-Master II models, this movement features a unique system were the bezel is used to help adjust the watch. The way it works is pretty cool, because the watch only has one crown and no pushers, the bezel is turned either to the left or to the right to assist with with adjusting the various functions. It works surprisingly well and is part of the complicated mystique of the Rolex Sky-Dweller, among the rare "complicated" Rolex watches. Of course, Rolex could make more complicated watches if they wanted to, but given the efficiency machine that they are, they do so sparingly, because complicated movements take a lot more care to assemble without issue.

I also look forward to seeing the various version of the HYT H3 watch that HYT will release such as those with different liquid colors, as well as being offered in various metals such as titanium, 18k white and rose gold, platinum, as well as black-coated metals. For now, this initial version of the HYT H3 watch is a case that uses both titanium and platinum elements with green liquid and will be part of a limited edition set of just 25 pieces. I also understand that for 2015 there will be a platinum version of the HYT H3 available (also limited to 25 pieces). This is also the more expensive HYT watch made so far. The price of the HYT H3 watch in titanium is 280,000 Swiss Francs (currently about 2,000 USD). hytwatches.com

At 46mm wide in mostly black with carbon fiber elements, the Raymond Weil Nabucco would not be what most people would think of if someone suggested to them that Raymond Weil was getting into the tourbillon business. The Raymond Weil Nabucco and Freelancer have been the brand's sportier options, while more classy models might have been a more logical choice for a tourbillon. With that said, I don't think I would have paid any attention at all if Raymond Weil decided to do something similar to Frederique Constant and come out with a lower-priced tourbillon. Well, in this case, that isn't the best example, because the Frederique Constant tourbillon is in-house made.

In person, the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch is surprisingly approachable. While you may have a different opinion on its design, this is not an ugly item. In fact, in its own particular way, I find the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch to be rather beautiful. The quality is excellent, and the stones are all impossibly clear and of a good color. Baguette-cut diamonds don't refract light like brilliant-cut ones, so looking at the Billionaire watch isn't a blinding ordeal of sparkles. Instead, the size and shape of the diamonds really allows you to appreciate the beauty of each. Its like wearing dozens of engagement ring stones for the world's most beautiful women all at the same time on your wrist. Part of the appeal of a timepiece like this is the accumulated meaning people ascertain from what it all means, and what else you could do with the sum of its parts.

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